Arts & Literature

1. Michael

2. Leslie Fiedler

3. Jack London

4. The RMS Lusitania

5. The Buffalo Express

6. Joyce Carol Oates

7. F. Scott Fitzgerald

8. 710 Main Theatre, formerly the Palace Burlesque

9. Barnett Newman

10. Katharine Cornell

11. “Over the Tavern” by Tom Dudzick

12. Pablo Picasso

13. “Green Lightning,” by Billie Lawless

14. Jesse L. Martin

15. Michael Bennett. (But co-author James Kirkwood wrote the infamous line.)


16. Tonawanda

17. Route 62

18. The southbound-only bridge

19. Farnham

20. Terrapin Point

21. The Tonawanda Indian Reservation

22. Inspiration Stump

23. Hamburg

24. Olcott

25. Medina

26. Allegany (county, town, village and state park); Allegheny (river)

27. Joseph Ellicott

28. Sardinia

29. Depew and Sloan

30. Ontario, and it’s not even close. Erie’s average depth is 62 feet, while Ontario’s is 283.


31. A hockey coach

32. Glenn Close

33. The Continental

34. 4 (1975, 1978, 1981, 1997)

35. Billy Sheehan.

36. U2

37. John Fogarty in the song “Rock and Roll Girls”

38. Dick Shawn

39. John Beard

40. Tom Fontana

41. Maryalice Demler

42. David Boreanaz, son of Dave Thomas of “Rocketship 7” and “Dialing for Dollars” fame

43. Phil Beuth

44. Christine Baranski, who won the first time she was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, “Cybill” in 1995

45. Wild Weekend

46. “Buffalo Bill”

47. The Lone Ranger

48. Tom Jolls and “The Commander Tom Show”

49. Norm Wullen

50. Orchard Park.

Science and Nature

51. Jan. 28

52. An alligator

53. Cholera

54. 98.6., which was rounded up in official records to 99 degrees

55. Byron

56. Sturgeon

57. The common tern

58. Wilson Greatbatch

59. Earthquakes

60. The air conditioner

61. CWM Chemical Services in Porter

62. Marlin Perkins

63. Chestnut Ridge

64. Chemistry

65. The Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center.


66. The War of 1812

67. A Thomas Flyer

68. Charles Roesch, who was mayor when City Hall opened in 1931

69. Grover Cleveland, who was elected governor in 1882 before being elected president in 1884

70. Joseph Dart

71. Eight, before dying of an infection Sept. 14

72. In a log cabin in Summerhill, N.Y., in Cayuga County

73. Hertel Avenue. (1247, to be exact)

74. Forest Lawn. It is the Blue Sky Mausoleum

75. William G. Fargo

76. 1964

77. William Miller

78. 1890

79. Memorial Auditorium and Kleinhans Music Hall

80. Frederick Law Olmsted

Sports and Leisure

81. The Turkey Trot

82. 1973

83. Johnny Bench

84. Vancouver Canucks

85. 1975 and 1999

86. Kansas City Chiefs

87. Miami Dolphins

88. Bennett

89. Michael Peca

90. Kenny Davis

91. Pittsbugh Steelers, who went on to win the Super Bowl

92. Derek Plante

93. Gold, red, blue, orange

94. University of North Carolina

95. John Farrell, current manager of the Boston Red Sox

96. Warren Spahn. (363 wins)

97. Jimmy Arias

98. Super Bowl XIX, played Jan. 20, 1985 between the Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers

99. Frank Layden

100. Montreal, Pittsburgh and Detroit

How Western New York are you? What your score means:

0-10 When someone says, “Buffalo,” you respond, “Never heard of him.”

11-20 You think Grover Cleveland is the blue guy on Sesame Street.

21-30 You’ve heard of the Southern Tier, but you think it means you have a hole in your pants.

31-40 When your friend asks you to join him at Delaware Park, you Google “Delaware Park” before leaving your house.

41-50 You remember that the Braves were Buffalo’s NBA franchise and you went to a bunch of games but you can’t remember their starting five the year they lost to the Celtics in the playoffs.

51-60 You say “He lived in Buffalo” out loud every time you hear someone say “Mark Twain.”

61-70 You owned “The Blizzard of ’77” board game, and it’s probably in your house somewhere.

71-80 If you ask what time it is and are told “It’s 11 o’clock,” you respond “Do you know where your children are?” and then reminisce about Irv, Rick and Tom.

81-90 You know what the call letters for WBEN stand for and you tell everyone, whether they ask you or not.

91-100 If it’s possible to be too smart for your own good, you are.