The five University at Buffalo seniors named first-team All-Mid-American Conference this season shared a wide range of experiences in their time with the Bulls. They won just two games as freshmen, three as sophomores, four as juniors. This year they’ve matched the school FBS record of eight victories and have an opportunity to score a ninth against San Diego State in Saturday’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Linebacker Khalil Mack has set the national FBS career for forced fumbles, tied the career mark for tackles for loss, won the Jack Lambert Award as the nation’s top linebacker and reigns as the MAC’s Defensive Player of the Year. He also has been selected to play in the prestigious Senior Bowl.

Running back Branden “Bo” Oliver broke the school single-season rushing mark as a sophomore and bounced back from injury to rewrite the standard again this year. Wideout Alex Neutz leaves as the school leader in touchdown receptions. Cornerback Najja Johnson is one shy of tying the school career record for passes defensed. And guard Jasen Carlson impressed to where he made All-MAC first team despite suffering a career-ending leg fracture in the season’s seventh game.

As their time in a UB uniform draws to a close the five were asked to take a walk down memory lane. Here’s what they had to say:

Most memorable win

Neutz: “It had to have been the Tuesday game against Ohio this year. Last time at UB Stadium. Beat a good Ohio team. It was fun spending the last 10 minutes of that game celebrating our last win at home together on the sideline as teammates.”

Carlson: “I think it’s a combination of our Stony Brook win with the five overtimes and then going into UConn and beating them like we did. Beat the big-time UConn school. Those two combined are like the best wins for me.”

Mack: “That’s a tough call. I would say Miami because I got the record that day.”

Johnson: “UConn this year definitely. We played them my first three years and had some tough losses against them but beating them at home the way we beat them, definitely UConn.”

Oliver: “I’d have to say either last year when Pat Clarke kicked the game-winning field goal against Miami (Ohio) or our last game here against Ohio U. this year.”

Most memorable loss

Neutz: “It’s gotta be Bowling Green. You get that close to the MAC championship, one week away, one win away, and just fall short it hurts.”

Carlson: “Temple, my freshman year. It was my first start and it’ll stick with me for the rest of my life. I had to go against Muhammad Wilkerson and that was not fun. Not fun. Needless to say I was all over ESPN on draft day on his highlight reel.”

Mack: “Bowling Green. Easy.”

Johnson: “Bowling Green. That last game at Ralph Wilson was tough. That one definitely hurt. It’s going to stick with me probably for a lifetime.”

Oliver: “The Baylor game.”

Your most memorable play

Neutz: “The Hail Mary against Kent State. That’s my go-to right there. Just a crazy play. Zordich throws the ball up in the air and the next thing I know I was in the end zone.”

Carlson: “Of this year I would say against Ohio State. It was the second quarter. We were down by quite a bit. It was when we were really starting to gain some ground on them. We ran a screen to the left. I punched my guy upfield and I ran out and the outside linebacker was running out with Bo. He stopped and turned around and he didn’t even see me and I just destroyed him. It was probably my best block I’ve ever had.”

Mack: “Ohio State interception.”

Johnson: “The Pick Six. The first time I ever scored a touchdown. The Pick Six in the UConn game.”

Oliver: “I’d have to say, I think it was against Western Michigan, and we called outside zone with the fullback but it was to the wrong side. And we still scored and I stayed inbounds. It was to the wrong side and we had one hat unblocked and I had to make somebody miss.”

Most memorable play by teammate

Neutz: “It’s gotta be Khalil. To me it was the interception against Kent State where he just came across and snagged it one hand and took off down the sideline. I wish he would have scored because that would have been spectacular. Either that or his pick against Ohio State where he did the whole jive and side lunge into the end zone. Just amazing what that kid can do.”

Carlson: “I think Neutz’s end-of-the-half catch against Kent State is up there. And there’s so many with Bo. So many runs where I’d be running behind him and he would just make eight guys miss. He doesn’t even need me out there.”

Mack: “Did you see Bo run with the dude into the end zone? Kent State. That was bizarre. That was a good play. That’s perfect.”

Johnson: “Brandon Murie’s kickoff return getting to the 1-yard line against Akron a couple years ago. He’s my roommate. We’ve been roommates and best friends the last four years. And I was on kickoff return blocking for him that play. I wish he would have scored but that was amazing seeing that happen.”

Oliver: “I’d have to say Khalil Mack or Alex Neutz. Khalil with his interceptions and just bulldozing linemen and getting sacks. Neutz, the Kent State Hail Mary. “

What you’ll remember most

Neutz: “My teammates. This senior class, these are my best friends now. Coming in I was scared and intimidated by the whole big-time college sports thing. But I’m just leaving with bonds — especially with Khalil, Bo and Fred Lee — that will never change.”

Carlson: “Just the friends I’ve made. I’m great friends with everyone on the team. Everyone is a good guy. I’m going to have these guys as friends for the rest of my life. That’s probably the best thing about playing college football is just the friends that you make.”

Mack: “The people. I feel like I’ll remember the people more than the football games. I’ll remember the people and being around Buffalo and seeing all the people and how they treat us. I’m going to miss the people and I’m going to remember the people a lot.”

Johnson: “My teammates, the relationships I’ve built and the experience I’ve had overall. It’s been nothing short of amazing. And this bowl experience coming up will be great too.”

Oliver: “My teammates. Just having run and grinding with each other, never letting each other down, sacrificing for each other and trying to go out with a great win against San Diego State.”

Favorite variety of potato

Neutz: “I like french fries. I gotta go french fries.”

Carlson: “Mashed with lots of gravy and butter.”

Mack: “I like sweet potatoes.”

Johnson: “I’m going to be a simple man and go baked potato, with a big piece of steak. Salt and pepper, that’s it. I’m simple. Salt and pepper.”

Oliver: “Sweet potato. Put it at 400 in the oven for like an hour and 20 minutes and just let it sit after that for like 20, 30 minutes, let it cool down.”