The regular gun season ended well for the Casey family of Attica. Dad Ken Casey put a nice 4-pointer in the freezer opening day of gun season but kept up an ongoing effort to put son Kyle, 15, and daughter Heather, 17, onto a clean kill on property they hunt in Lancaster.

“Every time I moved Heather from one stand to another a deer would walk past the empty stand,” dad said of the six times they hunted during gun season.

The seventh day of hunting proved a charm. Kyle took a big doe early Saturday morning (Dec. 7) the second last day of the gun season. Kyle had taken a nice buck with his bow during the 2012 archery season.

The frustration of getting Heather onto a deer continued for dad all that day. She saw deer at a distance too far for a shotgun shot late in the afternoon.

Then, just eight minutes before official sunset, a button buck stepped out at 20 yards and she was able to fill her tag that day. “Those were the first deer she had seen,” dad said.

Many a similar story can be told about the slim but possible chances bow and muzzleloader hunters have during their season which will continues until sunset on Tuesday.

Good snow cover and little hunting pressure could put deer on the move.

The Sonar-Lunar Tables cite good-to-best activity peaks at mid day on Monday and Tuesday.

Harvest successes or not, all hunters are encouraged to end the deer season safely again this year.