1. 1982. Tom Cousineau, who never played for Buffalo, to Cleveland for a first-round draft pick in 1983, which the Bills used to select Jim Kelly.

2. 1987. Greg Bell, two first-round draft picks and a second-rounder to the Colts for Cornelius Bennett.

3. 1977. Paul Seymour to the Steelers for Frank Lewis, who set a club record with two 1,000-yard receiving seasons while Seymour never played for Pittsburgh.

4. 1978. O.J. Simpson to the 49ers for five draft choices, one of which was used for Joe Cribbs, who went on to become the Bills’ third all-time leading rusher, and another of which was used for Cousineau.

5. 1960. Defensive tackle Al Crow to the Patriots for running back Wray Carlton, who went on to become the Bills’ fourth all-time leading rusher while Crow was a non-factor.