Sherman a better man than he showed on TV

Let me first state the Seahawks’ Richard Sherman’s vocal outburst on FOX television after batting away a probable winning touchdown pass to 49er Michael Crabtree was a classic example of poor sportsmanship.

This negative display would become instant national news in the sports world. The question arises instantly, “What caused this highly emotional reaction?” Knowledgeable fans knew these two highly competitive players did not like each other after fiercely facing each other in prior games.

A closer look at the replay of Sherman after his defensive play shows him walking alongside Crabtree offering his hand in a sportsmanlike manner. Crabtree’s response was to shove Sherman in the face. Almost immediately after this skirmish, the interview took place and Sherman’s anger erupted toward Crabtree. This is no defense of Sherman’s reaction; just an answer to the question asked above.

Sadly, Sherman’s character, based on this one negative episode, has been vehemently attacked in the media and social networks. I suggest they turn to the Internet and obtain some pertinent information about this young man. Unlike you and I, he made a mistake on national TV. I think he’ll learn a lot from this humiliating experience.

Jack Peracciny


Departing Pettine did not finish the job here

When is a contract not a contract? When the NFL allows a coach who is selected as a head coach to void his contract. We just saw coach Marrone give his best wishes and blessings as Mike Pettine cleaned out his desk. But the good ol’ boys network didn’t stop there.

Pettine, to show his appreciation to the Bills, then decided to raid much of the remaining Bills staff. What did our good hearted head coach do at that point? He rolled over with a smile.

Why should we permit a departing coach to cherry pick and hire our coaches? Yes, Marrone went out and hired a new defensive coordinator, and some other defensive assistants.

We’re constantly told that professional sports is a business. Well then let’s operate it like a business. Here’s a few suggestions for our Bills team:

If a coach is under a contract let’s enforce that contract. That means upfront we tell our coaches, as we tell our players, we expect them to respect that contract and not run around the country for interviews by other teams because that contract will be enforced. That understanding will save a club being stripped of good coaches by a departing coach.

Let’s hope Russ Brandon learns from this Pettine episode.

Cheryl Cranston

West Seneca

Pettine should have honored commitment

One of the first things Mike Pettine talked about in Cleveland was changing the atmosphere. Sounds familiar, that was what Bills fans were told a year ago.

Mike Pettine and his defense were on their way to doing that but the job wasn’t completed when Cleveland came calling. I thought Mike Pettine had the character and integrity to tell Cleveland he had unfinished business in Buffalo and do what was right for the Bills fans and his players. I was wrong; he did what was right for Mike Pettine.

There was a time in this country when being a man meant honoring your commitment, when your word was your bond. Mike Pettine showed no more loyalty to his word, Bills players, or the Bills fans than Art Modell did to the Cleveland fans. It turned out that he was no different than all those free agent players that come to Buffalo only to set their price.

Mark Thomas


Schwartz will be fine as new DC for Bills

The Bills made a good choice as their defensive coordinator in Jim Schwartz. He fits the mold of what they are looking for as an aggressive minded coach who will fit well with the personnel the Bills have on defense.

The Bills shouldn’t lose a step from last year and should improve on run defense, which Schwartz was excellent at when he was with Detroit.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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