Blackout makes holiday less merry

Now that the Bills and NFL have given us a blackout three days before Christmas, I can’t wait to hear and read the complaints. “I’ve been a fan for fifty years.” or “My father is a nursing home and looks forward to the Bills game all week.” Then some politician will say that Mr. Wilson owes it the good fans of Buffalo for all their support over the years.

Well, get over it people. This is the “Golden Rule” in action. Those who have the gold make the rules.

Alan R. Bojarski

North Tonawanda

When QBs run, injury more likely

Quarterbacks are selected, especially in the first round of the draft, with the ability to throw and hand off to running backs. Only when things break down do elite quarterbacks need to scramble.

The reason most astute coaches don’t want their quarterbacks to scramble is the danger of injury. So we have a quarterback hobbled in at least four games.

I blame the coaching staff. They trained him on the “run-option,” meaning if nobody is open take off and run. In addition they sent in plays such as “quarterback draw,” another running play.

If we wanted a running quarterback there was Tim Tebow out there. He ran a lot without injury and we wouldn’t have had to waste a first-round pick. Watch Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, they’re elite quarterbacks who only run when absolutely necessary.

Yet we have coaches that feel their franchise quarterback has great running ability and let him do it. When you run you invite injury. I wonder if the coaching staff understands that simple wisdom.

Cheryl Cranston

West Seneca

Manuel on fast track, but maybe too fast

I believe the Bills’ Brass is pushing EJ Manuel along too quickly. He should have been just an observer from the bench for his first season.

He has the potential to be the franchise guy we desperately need. But as with most rookie quarterbacks, you can’t give them too heavy of a load in the beginning of their career.

The Bills have had 17 quarterbacks since Jim Kelly retired after the 1996 season. All have failed to pick up the mantle of Kelly. Let’s not ruin this young man’s chance of success.

Daniel Botzko


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