Mario’s injuries are a bit suspicious

Here we go again with Mario Williams and another mysterious injury. Last year it was his wrist, this year it’s a so called foot injury.

What is it with this guy? Is this his way of getting out of practice? Bruce Smith did that back in the day but we all know what Smith did on the field come game day. Smith was one of the best, if not the best defensive player of all time.

Williams by far is no Smith and if he can play he should be on the field. His magical mystery tour of injuries isn’t helping the team or himself.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

PED users are spoiling the game

As a longtime baseball fan and more specifically a Yankees fan, I am disgusted, repulsed and disappointed in the latest PED scandal surrounding Rodriguez and the remaining cheaters.

These so-called role models are nothing but hypocritical liars who swear to one question and lie about another.

How Rodriguez could get on national TV several years ago and swear he’s not using drugs only proves to me what kind of unethical and selfish person he is.

Still today he considers this scandal as “noise” and wants to be a role model for his daughters.

These frauds aren’t fooling me, they’ll never seem to realize how fortunate to be in the major leagues with millions lining their pockets.

Mark McGwire was no hero to me back then with the superhero build nor was Jose Canseco with his “super” superhero build. Who did they think they were fooling? All of us, I guess.

Barry Bonds and his unfathomable home run record and his increasing-in-size head rose red flags in my brain.

Old guy Bartolo Colon with 14 wins this season just seems unnatural, doesn’t it?

My favorite sport has been once again tarnished and dirtied by these athletes who only care about personal stats and winning by any means necessary.

They have disrespected the game, its legitimate heroes and the millions of fans who love the game and spend hard earned money to attend baseball games.

I’ll still watch baseball and my beloved Yankees, but I’ll not pay any attention to statistics because you never know who’ll be the next 70-home run hitter.

Ronald Pecoraro


State baseball title is very impressive

Congratulations to West Seneca Post in their winning the New York State American Legion Baseball Title. Coming off the initial loss to Middletown was a terrific feat of playing to the final out.

American Legion baseball is enjoyable competition, and a state title is an honor for the area and West Seneca Post.

David Conners

Lamm Post

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