It might not be flattering to be called a “gun” in basketball, but thanks to a new shooting machine, attitudes are changing.

The GUN, used by all 30 NBA teams and hundreds of colleges, is gaining a foothold at the high school level. Beside all Big 4 college teams, there are 40 high schools in Section VI that use the can’t miss machine.

GUN makes shooting practice more efficient and improves technique and arc. An adjustable-height net trains players to focus on the rim and shoot with proper arc. It can pass out up to 1,800 shots per hour.

The GUN website reports when a player increases his/her arc they get a 15 percent increase in target size, and improve the chances of getting a shooter’s bounce. Users report a 7-10 percent increase in their shooting percentage.

Ciara Rosten of Maryvale said her form has improved and she gets needed work on her midrange shot as well as three pointers.

“It helps you have a consistent shot, helps you set up because it’s a perfect pass right to you, you just pull up, shoot, helps you get an arc on it,” she said. “It rotates so you can move around the arc. It helps you with the catch-and-shoot, catch-and-shoot.”

The Shoot-A-Way company that makes the GUN is based in Sandusky, Ohio. Ben Drake, Jamestown’s boys coach and Athletic Director, has been the New York sales rep for close to seven years. He said when he first started, the machines were the most popular in the Midwest before the news spread.

The GUN 6000 series starts at $4,550 while the more programmable 8000 series starts at $5,750. The website is:

Drake said Jamestown has three GUN machines in its district. It’s hard to argue with that program’s success as they’ve won the Section VI Class AA title three of the last four years. Drake said around this time of year he’ll hear from his former players home on college break who want to get into the gym and work off the machine.

As a player Drake remembered his high school, college and camp coaches challenging him to get 500 shots a day. He remembers how long that took, especially without a rebounder. With the GUN it can be done in 30 minutes.

“There’s nothing like it for shooting practice. The amount of reps you can get is unmatched,” he said. “I wish we had one when I was in school.”

Williamsville East was one of the first ECIC schools to purchase the machine approximately seven years ago. Coach Chris Durr said he makes the machine available before practice, after practice, on Saturdays and a couple times during the week for mostly individual work.

“The girls can throw four balls in and get 50 shots off, you don’t have to worry about anybody rebounding,” he said. “It’s a great machine for kids who want to work on more than what you can give them in a daily practice. I use it for the gym classes too.”