The golfing world has some popular misconceptions which are very damaging to your game. The wrong information can make your slice or hook worse. While it’s not your fault, unfortunately, you may be the victim of bad information. The good news is that you are about to receive correct scientific information. This will help you with either your hook or your slice. When applied correctly, you can eliminate either and start finding your ball on the fairway and the green more.

The wrong information: Many people will tell you that the clubface being open or closed at impact makes the ball curve. They will tell you a slice has an open clubface at impact and a hook has a closed clubface at impact. This is wrong. The clubface does not make the ball curve.

The correct information: The clubface at impact is actually responsible for the direction the ball starts. It is actually the path of your downswing that makes the golf ball curve right or left. Again, it is not the clubface that makes the ball curve; it is the path of the downswing makes the ball curve.

There is one critical rule to understand about swing path: The golf ball will spin the opposite direction of your downswing path. If your downswing is more toward right field, the ball will spin to the left. If your downswing is more toward left field, your ball will spin to the right.

If you slice, you should actually swing more out to the right in your downswing. If you hook, you need to swing more to the left in your downswing. Remember, the golf ball curves opposite of your downswing direction.

This is a principle of science so trust it. You will straighten out your shots and most importantly, you are now empowered with one of the correct concepts of ball flight.

Gary Occhino, head professional, Orchard Park Country Club. For Occhino’s video demonstration of this tip, go to WNY PGA club pros will offer weekly tips in Wednesday’s editions of The News.