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The Buffalo Bandits won’t have much time to rest until their next start. It comes on Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia.

On the other hand, they’ve got it better that the Wings do. Philadelphia plays tonight in Rochester, so it will play two games in less than 24 hours.

The National Lacrosse League’s schedule went from 16 to 18 games this season. While the time frame for that schedule has expanded a bit, there are still some crowded weekends ahead.

For example, the Bandits have three weekends this season that feature two games, up from two such combinations last season.

What’s more, the teams this year can only dress 16 runners and two goalies per game, down from 18 and two last season. It all will gives coaching staffs something extra to think about when such weekends come up.

“It’s always a consideration, especially when they are back to back,” said Blane Harrison, coach of the Wings. “We have another set next week, so we have four games in 10 days. That weighs on our minds, and we have to manage that accordingly. Every game is a battle, and everyone walks out after the game with a hiccup in their getalong. It’s one game at a time.”

Bandits’ assistant coach Dan Teat says Buffalo’s staff will be keeping an eye on the injury situation between games.

“I think you have to be careful in that if somebody tweaks something or has a minor injury, you don’t want to turn that into a major injury,” he said. “It’s no excuse for anybody. It’s no excuse for any of us, because Philly has a short turnaround as well. In fact, it’s less. “


Bandits goaltender Anthony Cosmo’s headgear grabbed everyone’s immediate attention when he walked into the postgame interview area on Friday night.

The veteran was wearing a helmet with a certain three-digit number on it.

“This is our 212 hat,” Cosmo explained. “I guess it’s for player of the game or the player decided by the coach. Now it’s my job to pass it on after the next win.”

The netminder then gave a little science lesson.

“It’s the degree that water boils,” Cosmo said. “One degree less, and it’s water. One degree more, and it’s steam.

“That’s kind of our philosophy this year. That one extra degree means quite a bit. It’s that one extra play, one extra shift, one extra effort that can make a difference.”

Cosmo provided some extra saves in Friday’s win over Toronto. He stopped 52 of 62 shots, a save percentage of .839. Anything above .800 in indoor lacrosse is an excellent performance.


The transition from assistant coach to head coach of the Toronto Rock has been an easy one for John Lovell.

The Rock promoted Lovell over the offseason after relieving Troy Cordingley of his duties.

“It’s been great,” Lovell said about his time as a head coach. “The most important thing is that there are good people around us. “Terry” Sanderson, the team’s general manager “is still Terry. He knows the game. He found some good players in the offseason.

“I’ve been really happy with my staff, with Blaine Manning with the offense and Dan Ladouceur with the defense. ... I’ve been around. Terry and I know that when you got a lot of good people around you, it’s fine.”

Cordingley, meanwhile, put no extra significance in the fact that his new team beat his old team.

“None whatsoever. We needed a win. We needed to build our confidence, and that’s what we did tonight,” he said.


Jay Thorimbert was outstanding on faceoffs for the Bandits, going 20-6 on the night. ... Friday’s attendance of 11,404 was the smallest at Buffalo home game since April, 2006. ... The newest member of the Bandits’ family is Levi Rose Wagar. Goaltender Kurtis Wagar and his wife welcomed Levi to their world on Tuesday.