Work to strengthen U.S. Postal Service

As The News has pointed out many times, the U.S. Postal Service was forced by Congress in 2006 to spend $5.6 billion annually to prefund the health benefits of future retirees for the next 75 years, which is ridiculous and a burden placed only on the USPS. Without that outrageous money grab by Congress, the Postal Service would be making money. The American people can’t let Congress continue to get away with this. The Postal Service and the hard-working letter carriers who keep the mail moving are dedicated and efficient, which can’t be said for Congress, other than Rep. Brian Higgins and some others who are trying to move this country in the right direction.

There is no need to cut any services. In fact, it’s a great sign that the USPS is expanding to Sunday delivery for parcels. Just look at recent events to realize how effective our USPS and its employees are. At Christmas time, UPS wasn’t able to get all of the packages delivered on time, but the Postal Service, despite a massive increase in parcels, was able to get all of the mail delivered prior to the holiday.

And then, letter carriers nationwide, including right here in Buffalo, got the mail delivered in sub-zero blizzard conditions. In weather most people run to get out of, the letter carriers bundle up and spend the day out there. There’s nothing like the service provided by the USPS; six days per week to every home and business in America for the most affordable cost in the world.

Call Reps. Chris Collins and Tom Reed and tell them to start representing the people in their districts and join Higgins to protect and strengthen a national treasure, the Postal Service.

Robert J. McLennan

President Emeritus, Branch 3,

National Association of Letter

Carriers, Buffalo/WNY