Why would anyone want Trump as our governor?

Politics in New York always takes interesting twists and turns, but the arrival of Donald Trump in our midst takes the cake. When interviewed on TV upon his arrival last Friday, he told us that he’s here to help save the terribly “failing city” that is Buffalo. Really? Evidently he couldn’t be bothered to learn about our rising medical corridor, our now recognized world-class architecture, the waterfront revival and so on.

He tells us that he’ll only run as the New York Republican candidate for governor if he has no competition for the slot. It seems the pompous Trump doesn’t want to be bothered by the messy, time-consuming parts of the democratic process, and I shudder to think what that means should he somehow manage to spend his way into Albany. We, the 99 percent, are already governed by a majority of the 1 percent in Congress. Why are we looking for a billionaire candidate to reign in our state as well? Success in one arena doesn’t guarantee success in another.

I’d love to be in the room when The Donald is told he can’t just “fire” the Democrats in Albany and must work with them instead. I am stunned that intelligent, progressive people think Trump is the best candidate they can find. Watching him bask in the obsequious flattery at Salvatore’s was only the beginning of what could be a long slog for those of us who value substance over style. The future of our state is at stake here, and that’s not funny. Trump’s hair, on the other hand …

Beverly Dams-O’Connor