Why is it taking the police so long to make an arrest?

On Jan. 18, a beautiful 3-year-old girl, Mayouna Smith, was found dead in her home. It was determined she was the victim of a homicide and had been sexually abused. There has been much concern, as there should be, with the lack of protection afforded to her and other children by Child Protective Services.

But where is the outrage that there still has been no arrest? I am perplexed. The child’s mother and boyfriend have not been charged. Perhaps there is no evidence to specifically link them to the crime, but this was a 3-year-old who was under their care, found abused and dead in their home. I don’t get it. They are the adults responsible for her safety, so why are they not in jail?

This is not acceptable. If this is how our justice system works, it is pathetic. Arrest these people already. Interesting that the boyfriend lawyered up immediately. How about some press coverage about the lack of prosecution in this case instead of just looking at CPS?

Harry Schultz