Where are the reforms promised by governor?

Does Gov. Andrew Cuomo mean it? He claims he will “thrust” ethic and campaign finance reforms to the top of his legislative agenda for 2014. Few reforms were voted on last year and the Senate defeated any real campaign finance reform efforts. As cited in a national poll of states making progress in this area, New York ranked 37 out of 50.

We have read of the continued corruption in Albany because of non-transparency and accountability. While some of the “bad actors” have been removed, more needs to happen in the area of ethics and real campaign finance reform. Good government non-profit groups like Common Cause, Citizen Action, the Brennan Institute, League of Women Voters and Open Buffalo, whose money stream is certainly not funded by PACs, continue to work diligently for reforms the citizenry applauds. Will Albany listen and respond to reform? Let’s all work to make it happen.

Judith M. Metzger