West Seneca officials should help homeowners

Seventy homes need emergency help in West Seneca in a tax base of 19,000 homes. And the town does nothing.

In time of great emergency the airwaves are aflood (no pun intended) with sympathy for the those 70 home owners, and yet the town sits idly by and does nothing.

It’s great that many local homeowners from within and from around pitch in to help. Try not paying your homeowner taxes and see how quickly the town comes down on you.

Why did the town not step up and help? How? By simply making some form of immediate cash advance to help furnaces and essential needs to be taken care of immediately. It would be simple to grant loans that could be secured by liens on those homes. These could be repaid by insurance and, where available, state aid. For those who do not qualify for either, secured loans could be recovered at some future sale of the home.

Is the town so distanced by its own good fortune of not being affected that officials are content to just stand by and join in the chorus of sympathy, while watching the horrendous suffering of its own taxpayers?

Some may say the town can’t afford to help. Come on, 70 homes out of 19,000 need help. Town officials should be ashamed. How about West Seneca standing up and helping the people of West Seneca.

Peter Bonsey