Weingarten needs a few Bible lessons

Gene Weingarten speaks for God in his column about homosexuality. He says he doesn’t know what God’s talking about. Well, I’ve been reading the Bible for 45 years now, so I would like a shot at speaking for God.

Certain parts of the Bible were meant for everybody, while other parts were meant for Israel or the church or just one individual. Leviticus 18 – the law against incest, homosexuality and bestiality – was meant for everyone because it says the Gentiles were being cast out for these sins, and that if the Israelites committed these sins, they, too, would be cast out of the Holy Land.

We agree about God’s power in that war on God would be over quickly. Weingarten mentioned Noah’s flood. There is also the battle of Armageddon, which will be fought after the second coming.

Weingarten mentions “father’s skirt,” and says he doesn’t know what God’s talking about. Well, in those days, the men didn’t wear pants. He also says he’s not a perfect God. God is perfect. Lastly, he ridicules Christ and the commandment about adultery and looking lustfully at women. He challenges us to figure that one out. Anyone can figure that one out. An unmarried man cannot commit adultery by looking lustfully at an unmarried woman.

Michael Skok