We’d be much better off without Obama in office

Just imagine if President Obama had spent most of his first term in office concentrating on the economy rather than his poorly thought out and badly executed health care plan. Just imagine if he had allowed the oil pipeline to Texas to be built, and how many jobs could have been created. Just imagine if he did not push the wasteful Cash for Clunkers, which raised the cost of used cars and sold more foreign cars than American ones. Just imagine if he had allowed the other party to contribute its ideas rather than shutting it out of the legislative process. Just imagine if, rather than explain away the bad rollout of his health care plan, he had thought it through before shoving it down the throats of all Americans. And just imagine if he did not have Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state – possibly four Americans would not have been left unprotected to die in Libya. Just imagine!

Frank A. Gugino Sr.

West Seneca