We need to be realistic about gun availability

This is in response to letters from Sheriff Timothy Howard and many others about the SAFE Act. Do they really think the founding fathers even imagined the type of weapons available today? The sheriff suggests that we read the Constitution. I suggest that he follow his own advice. The Second Amendment clearly talks about a “well-regulated militia.” Does he think we should go back to a militia and get rid of our armed forces? It would certainly be cheaper. Of course, that is silly. We need to concentrate more on the phrase “well-regulated.”

Full disclosure, my husband was the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot. He was mentally ill. I never found out where he got the gun. He may very well have killed himself another way; he tried many times, but the gun was available and sure.

We obviously have to improve our mental health system. We need better treatment and more hospitals and clinics and psychiatrists. But we also have to be realistic about the number of guns available in this county, and the ease of obtaining these guns. It’s time to use common sense instead of fear tactics to solve this problem.

Judy Capodicasa