We must wake up to loss of freedom

There’s Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and on and on with all of our many types of social media today. Here’s a thought: Imagine if people somehow were to awaken from their obsession with social media and begin to develop some sort of social consciousness instead. Startling as it may be, millions of American citizens have become oblivious to this country’s race into a societal experiment called socialism.

The current president has conveniently blind-sided our citizens with his curious platform of hope and change. Indeed he is the one here who is hoping that we are simply far too distracted to even realize how his socialist rulings and policies continue to insidiously creep into our daily lives. He is attempting to take a wrecking ball to all of the many foundations upon which this great country was founded. He is endeavoring to change our incredibly successful and productive capitalist republic into a dreary second-rate socialist concern. We will most certainly fall into that designation with the continued decimation of our nation’s middle class, combined with the frittering away of so many of our valued freedoms.

Darlene Krause Lang