U.S. needs to keep promises to veterans

I am writing in regard to the recent News article, “Congress manages to find political will to craft a budget rolling back sequester.”

Another group not happy with the recent budget deal are veterans. Working-age military retirees will see their retirement benefits cut. This is no solution to our budget problems, particularly when Congress failed to address some of the largest examples of government waste. For instance, the Pentagon has shielded the Joint Strike Fighter program from sequestration budget cuts, even though this program is more than $100 billion over budget and is deeply flawed, according to the Pentagon’s own inspector general.

If there are better ways to cut spending, why do leaders in Washington keep asking veterans to accept more and more cuts? Sequestration cut veterans’ job-training programs. Now the Pentagon is talking about raising veterans’ health care premiums. The troops who went to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan signed up with certain expectations about the benefits they would earn. We shouldn’t break those promises now that they’re back home.

Joseph F. Morgan


Veterans of Modern Warfare