Unwed mothers add to prison population

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing that New York State fund the college education of prison inmates. Rep. Chris Collins is proposing legislation to prevent federal funding of this education. Neither politician is addressing the key issue – 78 percent of our prison population was raised in homes without a male parent.

Based on a 2008 report from the Justice Policy Institute, the racial/ethnic makeup of our prison population is similar to the racial/ethnic makeup of unwed mothers. Neither politician is willing to explain why politicians continue to subsidize unwed mothers who are unable to provide proper parenting. The effect of the subsidies is obvious; in 1965 less than 6 percent of our children were born from unwed mothers while today the percentage is 40 percent.

There is another negative impact from these subsidies. Cuomo states that the state spends $60,000 per year on each prisoner.

In my opinion the subsidies serve just one purpose – winning votes for politicians like Cuomo and Collins.

Michael F. Patterson

Clarence Center