Trump could push us in a better direction

The question was recently asked why anyone would want Donald Trump as governor. I have as many questions about him as do most people. That said, though, if he is willing to expend as much of himself and his resources as necessary to throw a proverbial wrench into the political machinery of this “blue state,” I’m all for it.

He would be facing a party machine so powerful it can at will place the most shrilly unattractive candidates on the inside track, and create shoo-ins. Sheldon Silver can actually block candidacies in the weak opposition party. This state has a notoriously toxic atmosphere for business, and making a living generally. Can anyone seriously say that Trump is unlikely to provide some push in a better direction?

The ruling party is ignoring the will of the state on the SAFE Act, and in my view is restructuring our laws in a top-down direction, leading the nation in a tragic direction. If Trump can do anything to disrupt such power, abuse of power and power building, I welcome that.

Dan Hoffman