TPP trade agreement will kill many more jobs

If people still think they elected a liberal Democrat as president, they should check out the Trans-Pacific Partnership that is currently being hustled by President Obama.

Forget that Obama appointed Republicans to solve our economic problems and that he continues the GOP Mideast war policies. He also continues the Bill Clinton era “dog and pony” trade policy. NAFTA has cost us millions of well-paying jobs, and soon we will lose millions more to the TPP. Multinational corporations are exerting their control over our political leaders. Vietnam and China are loving it.

What is even more disconcerting is that the negotiations for the TPP are being done in secret. Few are even aware of its existence. A recent caller from a Democratic Party fundraising organization didn’t know about it and hung up when I pressed him about it. Reps. Chris Collins and Brian Higgins don’t return phone calls.

Frank Austin

Orchard Park