Teens who trashed house must be held accountable

Could someone please tell me what I am missing here. I just reread the story about the Binders, who entrusted a friend of their daughter’s to cat sit while they were away. They came home to a trashed and smelly house because the teen cat sitter had allowed a huge party to take place. Not only was the house trashed, but items of value and a large amount of cash were stolen.

Now I am not a lawyer and I don’t profess to know the law, but how is this not a criminal offense? And the attitude of the cat sitter’s parents left me speechless. I’m sorry but every student who was in the house needs to be held accountable in some way. We are not talking about small children here. These teens are almost adults. The cat sitter is the most responsible for what happened and should be held the most accountable.

I’m sure that these teens have already circled the wagons to protect themselves, but this was beyond a childish prank. This was a home invasion. And all I have to say to the parents of some of these teens is that you have wasted your money sending them to fancy private schools. They are not any better than a street gang. I hope the Binders sue the pants off of all who were involved. What a disgrace.

Lucille Wozniak

West Seneca