Tea party doesn’t pose a threat to our country

Here we go again! I almost gagged over the hypocrisy in the Dec. 17 editorial over the pretension that The News has any real concern that the Republican Party is suffering internal turmoil. The editorial, “A line in the sand,” continues to put the blame for everything going wrong inside the Beltway on the Republicans in Congress, as is the habit with The News, while it laments the intrusiveness of the tea party for ruining politics as usual.

It is sad that an influential news outlet like The News continues to encourage the same old liberal philosophy of “divide and conquer” that has been the liberal media’s hallmark for so many years. Why has the intent of the tea party been so misrepresented in the media? We read and hear this scathing denunciation of the tea party as somehow being out of touch with the American people and out to ruin the country, when in fact those who identify with the tea party simply want to tame the unrestrained and massive growth of the Fed.

Tea party politicians in Congress are not representing and voting contrary to the will of their electorate; they, in contrast to our status-quo politicians, represent truly the will and manifest of those who voted them into office. I’m talking about sincere and concerned citizens who really want “change” in the way this country does business.

The threat to our way of life is not the tea party conservatives, nor is it the Republican or the Democratic parties. The real threat to our nation is moral and material license. Freedom is not the same thing as license to do or have everything we want. As a nation that loves freedom, we need to learn the difference. For a secure future, we have to stop the political divisiveness and self-serving greed that motivates us and, as JFK said, “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

It would go a long way if The News would report the news without bias and if each of us would look in the mirror first before pointing the guilty finger outward. It all begins here. We have become a nation of narcissistic and self-serving individuals.

William A. Kearney

Lake View