Taxpayers should not foot bill for Gabryszak

As we all know, Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak has chosen to resign over the series of sexual harassment complaints brought against him. As The News has rightly pointed out, “if the accusers of Assemblyman Gabryszak succeed in their lawsuits against him, taxpayers, not the Assemblyman, will have to foot the bill.” This is unacceptable and every taxpayer should be outraged.

It’s about time our State legislators enact legislation to ensure that no state legislator who has been found guilty in a court of law of sexually harassing an employee can any longer hide under the blanket indemnity given to public servants. Because the legislator chose to commit such actions he, not the taxpayers, should be forced to pay any monetary amount awarded to the employee in a lawsuit.

Our legislators often talk about ways to save taxpayer money. Such legislation would not only do this but would be a strong deterrent to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Penny F. Zeplowitz