Taking support away won’t end child abuse

I am writing in response to the letter, “Mothers have a duty to protect children.” I find it appalling that anyone’s answer to child abuse is to make things even less financially stable for families. I believe in each of the cases cited, the mothers were not home at the time of the fatalities. Where were they? Some of them were out working.

What men like Chris Collins, who cut funds for child care while he was county executive and is now cutting SNAP as a congressman, and the letter writer fail to grasp is that it is a hard struggle to be a parent and you don’t solve a problem by making the current problems worse. Child care is one of the most expensive expenditures in a family budget; those abusive men were probably the only option for child care, regrettably and unfortunately.

Without a doubt, those mothers were stressed, exhausted and willing to believe lies in order not to have to add another dilemma to the ones they already have. I’m not saying it is right; but I fail to see how turning women and toddlers into homeless and starving individuals is going to help any situation. It’s not, and if you don’t think a dead child is punishment enough for any woman, I feel you have absolutely no clue about women in general, mothers in particular or humanity as a whole.

Tammy Mongerson