Sullivan’s criticism of Miller was unfair

Jerry Sullivan’s front-page article in the Feb. 10 paper about Bode Miller’s “failure” in the men’s downhill has me upset, and surprised. Sullivan is a good sports writer and especially effective at blasting coaches and players in 30-point Bills losses or five-goal Sabres losses.

But I am a retired Bell Aerospace rocket scientist and a retired professional ski instructor from Glenwood Acres and Kissing Bridge. Miller lost first place by 0.52 seconds in a 2-minute race. That is 0.4 percent or, in laymen’s terms, 44 feet in 2 miles going over a mile a minute.

This could be due to improper ski wax for the conditions or the wrong edge cut on the skis. But making “excuses” or being washed up at age 36? Come on.

Charles J. Schorr