Stranger restores faith in mankind

It seems like a lot of the stories we hear in the news and on television are about all the bad people out there who are testing our faith in mankind. I have a story that is going to touch the hearts of everyone. This is something you only read or hear about – not something that actually happens.

I am having a benefit for my brother-in-law, who is in need of a liver transplant. My daughter and I were in a local Vietnamese restaurant that we frequent often. I asked the waiter and cashier upon paying if the owner would consider donating a gift certificate for the benefit. When they said yes I went to my car and got the flyer and donation letter to leave with them. When I got back to work less than 10 minutes later, there was an email from someone who read the flyer – I can only assume it was the waiter by the name – that said: “I was reading your flyer and I was wondering if a liver donation could help? I’m blood type O and healthy. If I can help please let me know.”

The generosity of this total stranger has completely dumbfounded me. I cannot believe he would make this offer to someone he has never even met. I am beyond speechless and would like the world to know that there are truly good people who walk among us and it only takes the action of one person to change someone’s life. If only we could all be more like this generous soul, I think we could turn things around and make our world a place of peace instead of hate.

Pam Coniglio