Stop criticizing poor, go after the real ‘takers’

I would like to respond to the letter titled, “Too many people are looking for a handout.” The writer stated that a homeless person was quoted as saying, “his goal was to get public assistance to secure an apartment.” She claimed he got it backward and that “he needs to get a job to get an apartment.” The writer is the one who got it backward.

First off, how difficult would it be to have a job when you don’t know where you are going to sleep every night? What do you do with your meager possessions? Do you take them everywhere you go so they don’t get stolen? What about clothing? Do you just get one set of clothes and wear the same thing every day? What about hygiene? Where do you wash and make yourself presentable?

There are programs available that actually work for the homeless and I personally know of a former homeless person who used this system and is now working at a paying job, thereby demonstrating that the system can work.

However, I would like to give the writer something to think about regarding handouts. Does she realize that there are huge corporations that do not pay living wages? So in spite of their billion-dollar profits, we the taxpayer get to subsidize their low-paid workers who rightly need the food stamps, heating assistance and health care. These companies are the ones wrongly using handouts. It’s time we in America send them the bill. We should tell them: “If you don’t pay living wages and are making huge profits, then you must pay the taxpayers back.” Let’s stop looking at the poor in this country and recognize who the real “takers” are.

Diana Butsch

West Falls