State should pass laws to stop paternity fraud

Unless you have been personally affected by this crime, few people know or care about paternity fraud. It is committed when a woman lies about the true identity of the father of her child. Unfortunately, there are few laws to prevent women from committing this fraud. Men are deceived into paying for children who are not theirs, while another man walks away without any obligations. The cheating mother is able to legally steal money from an innocent man.

Everyone has a right to know his identity. Lying to a child about his background is wrong. When a mother does this, she is depriving the child of his true identity and history. The man the woman tricks into believing he is the father is also emotionally and financially harmed. He may build a devoted relationship with the child on a lie, only to have it damaged and possibly destroyed when the truth is eventually revealed.

Paternity fraud ought to be a felony. Women who knowingly name the wrong father should be prosecuted. Instead their crime is rewarded. Unfortunately, there are few consequences for mothers who commit paternity fraud. It is not considered a punishable crime, and it is difficult to collect funds from the guilty party. The laws in New York State need to be changed to stop this crime. A DNA test is all that is needed to expose the truth.

Katherine M. Richeal