State needs to pursue educated immigrants

I read about the Detroit governor’s plan to seek federal help in bringing 50,000 immigrants to Detroit. Not just any immigrants, but those with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in science, business or the arts. As we all know, immigrants are what made our country great. My grandparents came here wanting to work and contribute something, with the thought that they could become rich in this wonderful country, not that they could sit back and have somebody else work.

Maybe Gov. Andrew Cuomo should do the same thing. Bring people to New York who can contribute to the state and not just bleed us dry. According to The News, Florida will soon have more people living there than New York. Why is that, you ask? Florida will have all the New York pensioners and retirees who are tired of giving all their money to state taxes. We have an open-door policy for people who live in other countries or states that don’t have the great welfare system we have. They come here and just take and take. Hey, governor, how about bringing in some of those people with advanced degrees and exceptional abilities and closing the doors to the freeloaders?

Lorraine Ceccarelli