Staff waited in vain for help in Benghazi

A few days ago, I received a monthly firefighter magazine in the mail. The cover depicted one firefighter carrying another out of harm’s way with the title, “I knew you would come.” I sat looking at this image and thinking back over 10 years of Naval service and 45 years of fire service. I remembered one combat extraction and the look on those faces in the small boat. I recalled when I had been taken from a fire by my brother firefighters and loaded into an ambulance. And I have burned in my mind the faces of those we have saved and the loved ones of those we did not. “Thank you for coming so quickly,” or simply pulling to the side of the road so we could safely pass as we responded.

As I watched Army Sgt. Kyle White receive the Medal of Honor, I heard the words again, “I knew you would come,” and again when he and his men were extracted, the living and the dead, by daring U.S. flight crews. Then I thought of Benghazi. Four countrymen who died waiting for help to come.

“What difference at this point does it make?” By asking this question, Hillary Clinton showed the world that she has an egregious character flaw – she doesn’t understand “commitment to others.” She is only committed to herself.

Craig Thrasher

East Aurora