Social Security office should stay in Amherst

So, the Social Security Administration plans to close its Amherst office in March. The reason given was “basic survival.” Give me a break! I applaud Rep. Brian Higgins for his input and concern for the people of Amherst, Tonawanda, Kenmore and surrounding areas who do not wish to go into Buffalo to deal with our Social Security questions and needs.

When will government officials consider taxpayers who need and want this office here in our community? Try calling the 800 phone number and be prepared to have lunch while you wait for a person. Then be prepared for dessert with coffee to see if you can understand that person. Been there, done that. I ended up at our Social Security office in the Northtown Plaza, where a worker corrected the mistake the phone person had made. I met with people who were polite, busy and understanding.

I would need a ride to get to the downtown office. I would be lost, because I have not been downtown for any reason in many years. Parking would be a concern and an expense. Also, our Northtown Plaza will start to go downhill if businesses start to leave.

I hope that Higgins fights for us. We moved to the town 50 years ago and want to keep the auto bureau and Social Security office here so our surrounding towns can continue to make use of these offices. To take this away from us will be a big mistake.

Agnes Hulpiau

Town of Tonawanda