Short-term immigrants provide valuable services

Most of what we hear in the media is of illegal immigration. I can understand why media outlets often focus on it. It is a controversial, “hot button” topic that draws the public to tune in. However, it seems not many realize that a significant part of immigration is business-based and short-term. Individuals from other countries come to work for U.S. companies or universities. They contribute to designing better products and methods, and teach our college students. This component of U.S. immigration law is not covered nearly enough, because it does not render the emotional, compelling response that the 11 million undocumented do.

There is no doubt that immigration reform is badly needed. However, a well-informed community is a major factor in bringing about effective legislative change. It is my opinion that the importance of the foreign national who comes to assist the American economy is overlooked. It also helps to keep in mind that American citizens stay in foreign countries, not just for travel, but for business and work-related reasons.

Thus, Americans are sometimes immigrants, as well. It is a global system of exchanging knowledgeable, experienced minds and fostering advancement.

Christine Jaworski, Esq.

Immigration Attorney