SAFE Act only hurts law-abiding citizens

A recent letter writer asked: “What restrictions do gun owners support?” I’ll answer that in a minute. But first I’ll ask her: “What should the press, or a citizen of this country, allow the government to suppress or edit from the newspaper or speech?” Nothing, because that would infringe upon the freedom of speech.

I believe the way the news media glamorize the shootings in this country brings about more shootings. The right to bear arms is the most important amendment we have. We are still free because of it. Is it abused? Yes, by the criminals in our society. Do they need background checks to obtain a firearm? Absolutely not. They have free rein to do whatever they please, and that’s usually a free ticket to abuse the weak and unprotected.

I’m expressing myself on this matter as a retired law enforcement officer, a pistol permit holder, a former police firearms instructor, member and shooter in the State Police Pistol League, a hunter and an NRA member. Millions of law-abiding shooters enjoy the sport of competitive shooting. Serious competition with military-style weapons throughout this country has brought about experts in the use of weaponry that save our nation from defeat.

The SAFE Act is an attack on our right to bear arms without government interference. And it has done nothing to stop the criminal element. What restrictions do we, as law-abiding citizens and legal gun owners, support? That’s simple to answer. The same restrictions that apply to the press, to our religion and to our pursuit of happiness. We ask for nothing less.

Ken Zuchlewski