SAFE Act is a disgrace, should not be supported

Obviously, the gun owners who wrote the Another Voice, “Responsible gun owners support the SAFE Act,” do not get it. Personally, it’s not about guns and hunting. It’s about keeping your oath. In 1972, I swore to an oath on a Bible. It was administered by the late Rep. Jack Kemp at the Federal Building. Kemp personally shook my hand and thanked me for serving this country.

Whenever I hear of politicians trying to alter the Constitution for their own agenda, I immediately think of all the patriots from Lexington to Afghanistan and the rows of white marble from Arlington to Normandy. I think of the supreme sacrifice on the battlefields they made protecting our freedoms in our Constitution. I think of the thousands wounded physically and mentally and their families’ burden because they took an oath and they believed in that oath.

I will not listen to, elect, obey or comply with any politician who has been elected and took that same oath, on a Bible, in front of his family to protect the U.S. Constitution and then turn around and break that oath. My oath stands today and until I die, so help me God. The NYS SAFE Act is an erosion of the whole Constitution, not just the Second Amendment, and those who support it should be ashamed. Stand by the patriots next Election Day and take back your freedom.

Gary E. Huber