Rude remarks about bishop undermine Catholic values

The author of a Feb. 22 letter stated that Bishop Richard Malone’s decision to close St. Mary of the Lake School is unjustified. “Rather than promoting Catholic education and values, Malone has sabotaged and crippled them.”

What’s unjustified is the writer’s uncharitable remarks about the bishop, not the closing of the school. Just because he can’t understand the reasons for Malone’s decision doesn’t mean the bishop is wrong. And by his uncharitable remarks, it is the writer, not the bishop, who is undermining Catholic values.

The major reason Catholic schools are closing is because of widespread dissent against key church teachings and disrespect for the church’s pope and bishops, which has resulted in the decline in financial support for Catholic education.

To preserve and promote our Catholic heritage, we need to heed these words attributed to St. Augustine: “In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, diversity. In all things, charity.

Gerry Stafford