Retired trooper’s view evokes serious concern

I was astonished to read on this page the opinion of a retired law enforcement officer – a New York State trooper, no less – that a fundamental right as enumerated in the Bill of Rights should be seen as a “privilege” granted by the government after “meeting certain criteria.”

One can only hope this individual slipped unnoticed through the constitutional law portion of his training and on to retirement with this absolutely inverted interpretation of our founding principles, and that this is not what is taught at the Trooper Academy. I felt the letter brought great discredit to that organization.

State troopers are at the forefront of having to enforce the NY SAFE Act. They also form the security detail for a narcissistic governor with presidential ambitions who prefers executive decree over lawful process and feels that citizens who disagree with his beliefs “have no place in New York State.”

Combine the writer’s mindset with these unfortunate realities and you’re but a stone’s throw from Maidan Square.

James Wolfe

Police Officer