Reagan’s actions prove he was quite an actor

The Jan. 2 letter about global trade pacts and the subterfuge between President Ronald Reagan and Rep. Jack Kemp is only the tip of the iceberg concerning Reagan becoming an icon, if one wishes to call him that. He is far from that if the truth is known. Not only are many people unaware that the actions of Reagan and Kemp helped cause the demise of the industrial district in Buffalo, but that FBI records prove Reagan manipulated and spied on his fellow actors and his supposed friends in the movie industry, and he single-handedly put many of them on the infamous blacklist.

He was a secret spy for J. Edgar Hoover while representing the Screen Actors Guild. All of that is proven beyond any doubt in the book by Seth Rosenfeld, “Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power.” All of the records proving his spying were obtained from the FBI by the author and each record is itemized in the book. The Reagan iconism is best described by the dictionary: “An artificial or deceptive front, ideological slogans that were a facade for geological power struggles.” That fits Reagan to a T. Quite an act, from a B-rated actor.

John Cappelletti