Read Gates’ book before commenting

Steve Breen’s Jan. 20 editorial cartoon depicts President Obama, Vice President Biden and Hillary Clinton being beaned on their heads by “Duty,” the new book by former defense secretary Robert Gates.

It would seem that Gates had Breen in mind when he stated: “I think the narrative of the book was hijacked in the early reporting. Most people hadn’t read the book. There was some narrative put out there that this is an anti-Obama book, a book that takes issues with his strategy and everything in Afghanistan. And it’s just completely wrong. I’m very clear in the book – I supported every single one of the president’s decisions on Afghanistan from the day he took office until the day I left office. It’s not exactly wrong in that they do have quotes from the book that are accurate, but they’re out of context.”

This direct quotation is published in Bloomberg Businessweek, not itself generally regarded to be a left-wing liberal publication.

Harry F. King

East Amherst