Ramirez’s cartoons fail on several levels

I support President Obama, with some reservations – sometimes there are no right decisions. He’s made mistakes, as every president does. On the whole, I think he tries to do the right thing, with varying degrees of success.

That being said, I don’t mind the various and inevitable criticisms that are made of him. Some of them are valid, and all or nearly all of them, ought to be at least listened to. One exception, I think, is Michael Ramirez, whose Feb. 19 editorial cartoon shows Obama being added to Mount Rushmore, surrounded by cranes, with a caption reading, “It’s an executive order.”

I don’t remember this coming up since the 2008 campaign when Obama was there and some reporter asked if he thought he might ever be a part of that group. Obama didn’t think so – his ears were too big, and “there’s only so much stone up there.”

Many times Ramirez, who is a good representational artist, doesn’t make a lot of sense, and he says things that are blatantly untrue. What I want from someone who disagrees with me is a mental challenge, a reasonable criticism and at least a modicum of honesty. I’m sure that among the thousands of editorial cartoons produced every day, most of them fulfill these conditions better than most of what Ramirez comes up with.

Peter H. Mott