Quit whining and work to improve health care

Enough already! It’s time to stop all the whining and bellyaching and continue our long journey toward quality universal health care in America. Sadly, a lot of the national revulsion for the Affordable Care Act comes from the nickname Obamacare, a name the president himself foolishly endorsed. A brainchild of conservative think tanks, the basic concepts were championed successfully by then-governor Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. The idea, of course, is to sort of half-socialize American medicine, without actually dismantling our archaic, profit-driven health care industry, or in any way antagonizing Big Pharma – a huge piece of the current health care mess.

If there’s anything we Americans should be angry about, it’s how quickly the president walked away from the single-payer option, and the chance to catch up with the rest of the civilized world on providing workable, truly universal coverage for our citizenry.

But this is water under the bridge. Obamacare is now the law of the land and – news flash – it’s not going away. What’s that you say, Mr. Krauthammer? There are hidden provisions to bail out faltering health care providers? What a surprise! There are hidden taxes designed to keep the program afloat until today’s young invincibles come to their senses? What stealth! What gall!

Here’s the big question, friends: Are we diverse, bickering, ultra-partisan Americans ever going to work together, for the common good, or are we, in the last analysis, just a vast compendium of grasping individuals – a nation of Smaugs?

Grant Golden, M.D.