Postal Service staff does an excellent job

The Postal Service generally gets a bad rap, but often it does great things. One of those things occurred during this winter’s blizzard. During that blizzard, the Colden rural mail drivers stopped by the homes of some senior citizens who were living alone to make sure that they were OK, in good health and warm. They can do this because they provide service to every home six days a week and know the people who live on their routes. FedEx and UPS do nothing like that.

All of the political people who advocate cutting Postal Service funding and trimming the staff should think again about what they are trying to do. Postal Service workers usually provide a highly dependable service that is almost invisible to most of us. We, as a country, will greatly miss the Postal Service if the public does not support it. Once it is gone, it will be gone forever.

Philip J. Kintner