People over-reacted to late delivery of gifts

In regard to the recent brouhaha over late delivery of Christmas gifts by UPS and FedEx, yes, it was disappointing not to have intended gifts on time. But were you warm and dry while you waited? Did you have electric power? Lots of folks didn’t. Did you have enough food to eat? Lots of folks don’t.

In the grand scheme of world events, is a one- or two-day late delivery so important? It won’t change the world much either way.

Also, it offered a chance to teach patience, tolerance and empathy. Even children can understand that. “Santa is so sorry he forgot to leave this gift, so he made a special return trip today for you.”

There is one foolproof way to avoid this problem next year. Put on your hat, gloves and boots. Go to the store. Purchase the gift you need. Bring it home. Wrap it up and deliver it personally.

Oh, yes, lest you wonder, I, too, had gifts delivered two days after Christmas.

Lois E. Marriott

East Aurora