People and wildlife can easily co-exist

How refreshing to read Sally Cunningham’s article about rabbits and what gardeners can do to deter them from their beloved, well-tended plants. Cunningham shows a real appreciation for all of nature, respecting even the “cutie bunny’s” right to existence.

My organization, Animal Advocates of WNY, has advised many city and country residents on how to deal with all kinds of wildlife, be it deer, rabbit, woodchuck, skunk or other animals who have invited themselves to partake of the bounty within their landscapes. It is very possible to co-exist with wildlife, as Cunningham has shown us, if we educate ourselves properly and take steps to make our landscape uninhabitable to those we wish to keep out. Humane solutions to wildlife problems are more effective, non-toxic and much better for our environment.

Maureen A. Schiener