Passing more gun laws won’t disarm criminals

Recently an Another Voice appeared in The News where four gentlemen questioned the validity to gun owners and sportsmen of the National Rifle Association and the Shooters Committee On Political Education. The writers of the piece began by telling of their combined experience with firearms. Let’s clear up a couple of points straight away.

The anti-gun forces of this nation have been trying to take away the right to keep and bear arms for many, many years. This is not new; the NRA, SCOPE and Second Amendment Foundation have been protecting the rights of gun owners and collectors at great expense for many years. It is safe to say that had these organizations not been spearheading the rights of these four gentlemen, their total years of experience would have been much shorter.

On their own, firearms cause no destruction, crime or chaos. The threat comes when mentally deficient people, criminals and those bent on destruction enter the equation. No SAFE Act or National Firearms Act of 1934 or any other law is going to prevent them from carrying out their goals. Criminals carry out crimes in complete disregard of the law. No legislation, no prayer, no wish will deter that intent. Only a determined individual legally armed and capable can act as such a deterrent, as demonstrated many times throughout history.

The modern firearm is popular because it is a modern sporting arm and – in the hands of a gun collector, target shooter, hunter or law enforcement officer – it offers the advantages of modern technology. The criminal will never be disarmed by law alone. That said, I’ll keep my guns, my membership in the NRA and continue to support those who are willing to protect my Second Amendment rights.

Paul J. Ziolkowski