Parents need to step up, make amends to family

As a City Honors parent, I am both saddened and distressed regarding the recent Parkside Avenue party and vandalism. Do parenting and controls still exist? Is protectionism and entitlement something we want to teach our children?

Each and every parent, whether City Honors or not, is a reflection of how our children have been raised. Every parent’s lack of responsibility tarnishes those at City Honors who were not responsible and whose parents truly care. The article in The News was honest, but unfortunately hurt a wonderful Buffalo asset.

The parents of this immature, irresponsible “cat sitter” need to make this correct, both monetarily and by “naming names.” I would not let this girl near my son’s snapping turtle, which I hate.

I would remove my son if I did not respect the leadership and teaching philosophy of the school. Parents need to take ownership of their child’s actions.

Sarah Magavern