Parents hold much blame in recent child deaths

One, two, three. How many more deaths will it take to put this baby-killing syndrome to rest? Perhaps a symposium on the subject of “boyfriends taking care of infants” would be in order.

Where are the mothers of these defenseless children?

Social Services workers are equally culpable for not doing their jobs.

When are these women going to wake up and realize that their children are their most precious assets in life? When will they recognize the fact that they, as well as their male counterparts, are equally liable? How many more have to be killed until they comprehend this fact?

To resurrect an oft quoted cliché, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” I fear that this history lesson will go on being repeated until something really eye-opening occurs.

Meanwhile, how many more blameless lives will be sacrificed on the altar of carelessness and apathy?

Alice Szanyi