Other amendments cited by writer have restrictions

A recent writer raised a very interesting question for the gun-rights folks. She asked: “What restrictions would you support?” I looked forward to a response, and finally read one. A pretty lame one at that. The response begs the question, as it simply compares the First and Second Amendments. Well, last time I looked, the First Amendment has restrictions. You cannot yell “fire” in a theater. You cannot threaten harm to a president, lest you have a visit from the Secret Service.

And, please, I am not inferring gun owners are kooks. I fully acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of gun owners are fully responsible, law-abiding citizens who love America and keep their guns safe. It is also a given that seemingly every gun owner opposes the SAFE Act. But still, the question remains unanswered. Are there restrictions you do support? Should we, as a nation, assume the most literal understanding of the Second Amendment? Should we let a 12-year-old go deer hunting with a Kalashnikov? Should every Buffalonian be allowed to carry a Beretta because “you never know”? Do gun owners support any restrictions on guns? Just curious.

George McNally